A little bit about me...my favorite thing in life is my family.  I have five kids who amaze me each and every day.  I just adore watching them grow into the young humans they are today.  They teach me what it means to love with everything I am and trust with wild abandon.  My career in photography was born when they were born.  They are my inspiration to view life in creative ways every single day.


 I am a lover of nature and trying new things.  I love to spend time rowing on the Petaluma River alone and with my team and hiking in the gorgeous hills of Sonoma County.  I love walking my dogs and that one time I did goat yoga!


In everything I do, I see in pictures.  I look for gorgeous light and think about cool shots in harsh light.  I catch glimpses of sweet interactions and strange compositions.  There is nothing I enjoy more than walking around with my camera.  It helps me pause and see the world and truly see the people who I am capturing in that one fleeting moment.


I truly enjoy working with my clients and being a part of a team that makes incredible visions come true!